Miami Bee & Wasp Removal

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Some of the most dangerous pests are bees and wasps. These small pests may not seem too scary by themselves, but in a swarm, they can pack a painful and sometimes deadly sting. When first dealing with wasps, it can be helpful to determine what type you are dealing with. They are either solitary or social, which can both have their own dangers.

  • Social wasps often become very territorial, making them an immediate threat.
  • Solitary wasps may not attack unless first provoked, making them less dangerous.

Either way, wasps can pose a serious threat outside any home or building. Similar to wasps, bees can be found in large swarms around their beehive. Whether you need us to remove just bees or an entire beehive, our specialists will make sure it gets done in a timely manner.

Wasps and bees can be found in the following areas:

  • Inside Home Walls
  • Holes in Backyard
  • Beehives in Trees
  • Nests in Window or Ceiling Corner
  • Attics

No matter where your bee or wasps problem is, make sure you contact TriTech Pest Control today at 786-476-1798 for fast support. Call today for a free estimate.