White Fly Control

Whiteflies are tiny insects that feed on the underside of your plants. They can come out of nowhere and cause extensive damage. Not sure if you are dealing with white flies? If you move or water your plants and notice small insects flitting all over, you have a white flies problem.

Since these insects can multiply quickly, it is imperative that you act fast to rid yourself of these pests. When you need prompt and professional pest control services, you can count on our team at TriTech Pest Control to come to your aid. We serve businesses and residences across South Florida.

Why is TriTech Pest Control the right service for you?

We are the pest removal experts you can trust:

  • We have over 15 years of experience
  • We are licensed and insured
  • We service over one million properties in South Florida
  • We offer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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